Why Businesses Are Turning To Managed IT Services

According to an IT industry trade association, Comp TIA, many organizations are turning to expert managed services provider philadelphia. It should be noted that MSPs have been in the market for the longest time but only 3 out of 10 had turned to managed IT services by 2014. Within the past 12 months about two thirds have joined in turning to the managed service provider.

What has led to the drastic change? As the business keeps on evolving, the work has become more complex and thanks to MSP one is able to gain storage, backup, recovery, customer relationship management, email hosting and network benefits.

managed services

The services that many business are eyeing are: business intelligence, application monitoring and maintenance, data analysis. The lowest in demand among the services they provide are videoconferencing, audio/visual services. The managed service provider have not been popular for the longest time because of the unclear definition of who they are and what they offer and the advantages of having them around.

About 56% percent of businesses that have over 100 employees and 47% of businesses with less than 100 employees want to improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure which have led to them reaching out to the MSP.

MSP also provides security in term of having a secured network that does not allow unauthorized people. Many businesses know that information is a powerful tool and when in wrong hands can lead to the end of your business. This has led to 38% interested in MSP.

MSP is saving up on business expenses as well as ensuring you concentrate on the major goals. This has led to about 33% of business with over 100 employees and 28% with less than 100 employees to join the trend.

Let’s not forget that the MSPs is able to adopt technology quickly in a less risky manner. Their methodologies are seamless and efficient. Technology is dynamically changing and keeping up with it is not an easy task and let’s not forget shifting from one technology to the other is much harder than we imagine. But with the help of MSPs there is easy transition and one has nothing to lose.

Another major factor that has led to the shift, is the fact that most MSP tend to understand your business and provide IT services that are most suited to the business. Giving many businesses a fair chance to play in the field with the large corporates.

The 4th annual trend in managed services (Comp TIA) reports shows that most people who have chosen the MSP road are actually happy because of the outcome. The MSPs are either meeting or exceeding the expectations especially on the cost. Others argue that they are providing strategies that are very beneficial to the business and offloading the baggage of putting aside their IT technicians to deal with the issues related to IT. Instead, they are reassigned in posts that will lead to innovation. Helping in the uprising of the business. The managed service will definitely minimize cost, increase efficiency, create predictability and maximize profit!

This is why businesses are turning to Managed IT Services.