Scarborough Dentist Discusses Tooth Whitening

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Many people take a lot of things for granted. Of these, good eyesight, a full set of teeth, and general overall health, are among the most common examples.  While even with proper care, eyesight and general overall health eventually fail, usually as a combination of age and genetics set in, teeth normally fail only as a result of either an accident or neglect.  And then what elders have told us about learning to appreciate things only after they are gone comes to mind.  Maybe it’s true that youth is wasted on the young.This cannot be so if we visit our good doctor at walk in clinic Hoover Al for the best medical advice.


With regard to teeth, a perfect set is often referred to as one’s set of ‘pearly whites’; at least that is how they start out for most people.  But then after years of abuse and neglect, teeth begin to attain a color that is a varying shade of yellow (or even black) depending upon the amount of abuse they are subjected to.  Poor oral hygiene is usually the culprit in yellow teeth.  Decaying teeth and blackened ones usually result from severe neglect of oral hygiene and the use of certain illegal drugs.  While blackened and decayed teeth require restorative treatments, discolored teeth are much easier to address.


When people realize they have discolored teeth, the first thing that comes to their mind is that they have to regain that dazzlingly white smile they imagine they used to have; they think just because movie stars have teeth so white they should have one too.


In their first attempt many turn to so-called whitening toothpastes and home teeth whitening kits without any advice from dentist Scarborough.  They figure that they can save a pretty penny by trying to whiten their teeth without professional assistance; and this causes a concern for members of the Ontario Dental Association.  Make no mistake about it; do-it-yourself teeth whitening works for some people.  However, more people run the risk of causing more damage and having to go to a cosmetic dentist for help.  While there are good whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening kits out there, but only a dental professional can tell which ones they are.


First off, the shade of white your teeth originally had may not be the same as your idea of dazzlingly white.  The dentist has the knowledge and skills to determine what shade you should really aspire for if you exclude having crowns on all your teeth.  Dentists will use only the safe levels of chemicals and abrasive grits – and that is something you don’t have the capability of determining on your own.  Too much abrasive will wear down tooth enamel, while strong levels of whitening chemicals may make teeth brittle.


People looking for a dentist in Scarborough can find some of the best by visiting  Good dentists can have patients safely use abrasive toothpaste to whiten teeth under their supervision.  More severe discoloration may require bleaching treatments at the dental offices which may involve the use of a combination of bleach and lasers.  One other important thing is that no dentist would recommend teeth whitening treatments for young children – they would rather teach good oral hygiene.


While it is quite possible to whiten discolored teeth, preventive measures through proper oral hygiene are much less expensive.