3 Things You Should Know To Stay Safe in Today’s World of Cyber-Attacks

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Security breaches in big corporations, including bank security systems of large financial institutions have become quite common raising fears that we might become too accustomed to security lapses that we retire all efforts to get them fixed.

The rate of cyber-attacks has skyrocketed in recent years making many to wonder if there exists sure ways of protecting people’s sensitive information like their personal and financial information. If security alarm systems for banks can be breached in such unrestraint, is there any place that is truly safe?

Mobile applications vulnerabilities

One thing that is taking the security menace a notch higher is the increase in use of mobile applications. Now, even banks have mobile apps to give you access to your bank account. Now hackers are having a field day, thanks to these mobile applications.

Financial institutions that choose to enter this space without clear bank security systems to protect their customers are essentially toying around with the sensitive information that their customers have entrusted them with.

Mobile banking may be the future, but if banking institutions do not develop clear strategies to counter hackers’ efforts at getting people’s personal information through mobile apps, the tech may defeat itself. In 2013, McAfee Labs reported a total of 17,000 new malware targeting android users in just the 2nd quarter of that year.

Android devices are the most at risk because attackers have found a way to alter legitimate android applications, add malware and then republish the app on a third-party app sharing platform. The safest way to stay clear of this is by using Google Play as your sole source of android apps.

Bank web pages – some may be insecure

Those of us who love online banking ought to be a little more careful when browsing our bank’s online pages. Bank security systems should include safe online banking, but some banks have not secured some of their web pages.

Whenever you visit your bank’s website, check to ensure you are doing so via secured web pages. A secure web page should use the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. If the URL of the page you are browsing does not read “HTTPS”, then your browsing is not secured.

The imperfections of anomaly detection software

Most probably, your bank uses Anomaly Detection Software. While this software can be extremely helpful in detecting inconsistencies and irregularities in your bank account behavior, well-executed bank frauds can go undetected. Anomaly Detection Software is designed to detect uncommon behavior in your bank transactions.

It often flags transactions that are too different from what is the norm for an account. That means, fraudsters could execute a plan to siphon your funds in a fashion that would not raise any alerts using your bank transaction history.

Importance of Trusted Managed Services for Your IT Infrastructure

For most businesses where technology is a key part of the business operations, you might find yourself tied up in the infrastructure management instead of growing your business. This is why it is important to find trusted managed IT consulting Toronto for your IT infrastructure who will relieve you the burden of infrastructure management. As such, you will now be in a position to work towards your business objectives. A good IT expert has the experience and knowledge required to provide you with a well outlined cloud solution. This will provide you managed cloud services, global connectivity and colocation, all aimed to meet your specific goals and needs.

Managed Services for Your IT Infrastructure

Management of your IT infrastructure usually focuses on the cloud. This is because sometimes having your own on-promise infrastructure could me more troubling than it is worth, bearing in mind the constant maintenance, large investments and the need for more skilled staff. Today, competitors are opting to go for cloud services as a way of increasing their agility and flexibility so as to be able to keep up with the demands of their clients. The problem with cloud services is the complexity that this offering comes with and also other considerations such as regulatory compliance, costs and security. This can sometimes be too much for your business to handle and put up with.

Why Businesses Are Turning To Managed IT Services

According to an IT industry trade association, Comp TIA, many organizations are turning to expert managed services provider philadelphia. It should be noted that MSPs have been in the market for the longest time but only 3 out of 10 had turned to managed IT services by 2014. Within the past 12 months about two thirds have joined in turning to the managed service provider.

What has led to the drastic change? As the business keeps on evolving, the work has become more complex and thanks to MSP one is able to gain storage, backup, recovery, customer relationship management, email hosting and network benefits.

managed services

The services that many business are eyeing are: business intelligence, application monitoring and maintenance, data analysis. The lowest in demand among the services they provide are videoconferencing, audio/visual services. The managed service provider have not been popular for the longest time because of the unclear definition of who they are and what they offer and the advantages of having them around.

About 56% percent of businesses that have over 100 employees and 47% of businesses with less than 100 employees want to improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure which have led to them reaching out to the MSP.

MSP also provides security in term of having a secured network that does not allow unauthorized people. Many businesses know that information is a powerful tool and when in wrong hands can lead to the end of your business. This has led to 38% interested in MSP.

MSP is saving up on business expenses as well as ensuring you concentrate on the major goals. This has led to about 33% of business with over 100 employees and 28% with less than 100 employees to join the trend.

Let’s not forget that the MSPs is able to adopt technology quickly in a less risky manner. Their methodologies are seamless and efficient. Technology is dynamically changing and keeping up with it is not an easy task and let’s not forget shifting from one technology to the other is much harder than we imagine. But with the help of MSPs there is easy transition and one has nothing to lose.

Another major factor that has led to the shift, is the fact that most MSP tend to understand your business and provide IT services that are most suited to the business. Giving many businesses a fair chance to play in the field with the large corporates.

The 4th annual trend in managed services (Comp TIA) reports shows that most people who have chosen the MSP road are actually happy because of the outcome. The MSPs are either meeting or exceeding the expectations especially on the cost. Others argue that they are providing strategies that are very beneficial to the business and offloading the baggage of putting aside their IT technicians to deal with the issues related to IT. Instead, they are reassigned in posts that will lead to innovation. Helping in the uprising of the business. The managed service will definitely minimize cost, increase efficiency, create predictability and maximize profit!

This is why businesses are turning to Managed IT Services.

How Your Startup Can Overcome Content Marketing Challenges

A start-up will have many challenges and one of these can be the issue of content marketing. However, there are many ways in which to overcome content marketing and the challenges involved with this subject and in this article we will take a look at those techniques.

Beginning a start up can be rather difficult and it is often easy to take more time than we need over tasks and projects that we perceive to be tough and complicated. One of the ways in which to be successful with a start up is to begin with a well designed program for the content marketing services that you will carry out. If this is not done then the start-up can then lead to stress and anxiety and this can develop quickly. It is also a good idea to do a content marketing program, as you will often make mistakes when beginning the start up and these will be amplified when you are in a smaller company. There are many challenges that you will face and these will be particularly common in the early years. You may often find yourself fighting for survival in these years and will therefore need to be ready with a plan in place. content-marketingWhen you are developing your content marketing strategy you need to be patient, as this can be a long project that can require a consistent amount of investment and strategy. If you begin a start up and develop a product without developing the content marketing strategy, you could put in a lot of effort and work for no return.

The trick is to work out what people want and this usually involves solutions that will relieve their problems. When an individual has these problems they will often take to the Internet to find out the answers and this will result in a search for services and products which will relieve the situation. If you choose to invest in marketing strategies then you will be able to find out what the solutions are for the customers that you need. You will then be able to build a perception of your brand and will be able to reach out to the customers, whilst providing the benefits and the needs that they require.

The customers will desire research and information that is readily available to them and they will also want it to be easy to access. It is therefore important that a user interface is designed so that they can get access to this easily and effectively. Making sure you have this in place will give you a far greater chance of success when you are developing your start up. It is important that you are focused on this, as many start-ups often fail.

It is therefore important that you seek out designers and marketing specialists who can help you overcome these challenges. Finding these individuals is now easier than ever with the Internet, and you will be able to search for them affectively on job sites. You can then read up on their skills and their reviews and pick the services that you require. This will help you to develop your marketing strategy and will lead to success.

Car Accident Doctor Orlando – Protects Your Physical And Legal Health

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Everybody likes to keep safe. But when driving, you can only avoid accidents if the other people on the road are just as safety conscious. Now that is something that none of us can really ensure. Road accidents will happen and when they do, you need to make sure you are adequately protected. Aside from having accident insurance, which most states require as part of the requirements for vehicle registration, you need to get appropriate medical attention after an accident. To get suitable medical attention after an accident you need to see a car accident doctor Orlando residents trust. You may wonder why it is important to see a car accident doctor Orlando folks go to. The short answer is to ensure you get the medical attention you need while protecting you from any legal missteps.

Reasons Why You Should Get Immediate Medical Attention After A Car Accident

A car accident involves speed and forces our bodies were never designed for. The impact we suffer during car accidents sometimes lead to very serious damage to our systems. Unfortunately some of the damages are not readily apparent.

When your head hits the windshield all you may feel at first may be a little pain, dizziness, and nausea. But those maybe just symptoms of something much worse, like a life-threatening condition. Damage to your neck or spine can worsen to the point of paralysis if you do not receive immediate medical care. The body also pumps adrenaline during stressful moments. The adrenaline rush after a collision will mask pain and many other types of injury. This article provides tips on determining brain injury after a car accident.

Those are the reasons why after an accident, no matter how strong we feel, we should always seek immediate medical attention. When in doubt, get yourself checked, preferably by a car accident doctor.

The Legal Implications Of Medical Treatment After A Car Accident

Most people erroneously think that just because the car accident they were involve in was the fault of the other party, they don’t have to worry about any legal issues. That line of thinking is wrong.

Most insurance companies believe that if you do not seek immediate medical attention after an accident, you were obviously not hurt or injured. If you see the need for medical attention later, insurance companies may feel you are just faking it for financial gain. Thus they would likely try their best to deny any help and you can end up footing the bill. If you find out later on that you have suffered permanent impairment, it would be harder to relate that to the car accident if you don’t seek medical treatment at once. Thus you can also miss the chance to be properly compensated for any injury. Car accident doctors can help ensure your treatments are properly documented, so that any injury or impairment can be easily proven to have resulted from a vehicular accident.

So if you don’t feel right after a car accident, you need to see a car accident doctor immediately.

Scarborough Dentist Discusses Tooth Whitening

looking for a dentist in Scarborough

Many people take a lot of things for granted. Of these, good eyesight, a full set of teeth, and general overall health, are among the most common examples.  While even with proper care, eyesight and general overall health eventually fail, usually as a combination of age and genetics set in, teeth normally fail only as a result of either an accident or neglect.  And then what elders have told us about learning to appreciate things only after they are gone comes to mind.  Maybe it’s true that youth is wasted on the young.This cannot be so if we visit our good doctor at walk in clinic Hoover Al for the best medical advice.


With regard to teeth, a perfect set is often referred to as one’s set of ‘pearly whites’; at least that is how they start out for most people.  But then after years of abuse and neglect, teeth begin to attain a color that is a varying shade of yellow (or even black) depending upon the amount of abuse they are subjected to.  Poor oral hygiene is usually the culprit in yellow teeth.  Decaying teeth and blackened ones usually result from severe neglect of oral hygiene and the use of certain illegal drugs.  While blackened and decayed teeth require restorative treatments, discolored teeth are much easier to address.


When people realize they have discolored teeth, the first thing that comes to their mind is that they have to regain that dazzlingly white smile they imagine they used to have; they think just because movie stars have teeth so white they should have one too.


In their first attempt many turn to so-called whitening toothpastes and home teeth whitening kits without any advice from dentist Scarborough.  They figure that they can save a pretty penny by trying to whiten their teeth without professional assistance; and this causes a concern for members of the Ontario Dental Association.  Make no mistake about it; do-it-yourself teeth whitening works for some people.  However, more people run the risk of causing more damage and having to go to a cosmetic dentist for help.  While there are good whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening kits out there, but only a dental professional can tell which ones they are.


First off, the shade of white your teeth originally had may not be the same as your idea of dazzlingly white.  The dentist has the knowledge and skills to determine what shade you should really aspire for if you exclude having crowns on all your teeth.  Dentists will use only the safe levels of chemicals and abrasive grits – and that is something you don’t have the capability of determining on your own.  Too much abrasive will wear down tooth enamel, while strong levels of whitening chemicals may make teeth brittle.


People looking for a dentist in Scarborough can find some of the best by visiting www.onecentredentistry.com.  Good dentists can have patients safely use abrasive toothpaste to whiten teeth under their supervision.  More severe discoloration may require bleaching treatments at the dental offices which may involve the use of a combination of bleach and lasers.  One other important thing is that no dentist would recommend teeth whitening treatments for young children – they would rather teach good oral hygiene.


While it is quite possible to whiten discolored teeth, preventive measures through proper oral hygiene are much less expensive.